Massage Sex with Mom’s friend

I am 16 year old boy. I gave Massage and sex to my Mom’s Friend Jenn. She is 38 year divorced milf. She is a mother of one son but her son is not living with her. She has big boobs, big tits and the gorgeous figure. She is living alone from 6 year.

Let start the story…

It were the summer vacation. My mom and dad were leaving for a week to Los Angeles for business meeting. I was sent to my mom’s friend house to live there for a week. I was having a big crush on Jenn because not just she has the best milf figure but also she treats me well as like her son.

As I reached to Aunt Jenn house she was in a hot bikini taking sun bath in her lawn. I just watched her taking sun bath with my mouth fully opened. Her cleavage seemed so juicy and her ass was so attractive that even a death body would wake up to see her. She said me to wait in living room.

After 10 minutes she entered the house. She came near to me with a glass of pineapple juice. She was still in chilly red bikini. She hugged me hardly as I went her after 3 months. When she was bugging me, my face was on her left juicy boob. But I controlled my self. We both had 30 minutes conversation then she led me to guest bedroom. I rested there for half an hour. Than I was going towards kitchen. Natalie was in a panty and long tee only. As her tee was long so I was not able to see her ass.

Jenn: What my baby want to eat in lunch? Me or Food.

(I get superly horny at that time)

Me: Nothing! My stomach just filled when I saw you.

Jenn: Oh! Come hear my baby. I want you to help me.

Me: Okay Jenny. How can this Slave of Queen Jenn help you?

Jenn: My hands are not approaching to that box on shelf. You just lift me up. Okay baby!!

I grabbed her hot legs and lifted her up. She said me to lift her more. I thought she would be heavy but she was just of 54 to 56 kg. As I lifted her more then her creamy pussy was on my face. I was able to smell her inside juice, it was amazing. Then I slowly started to get her down. As I was doing that my face just pass from between of her two boobs. That day was superly horny for me.

That first day was about to end but Jenn was not getting a sleep. She entered my room without knocking and I was in my boxers only.

Jenn: Sorry! I have to knock first.

Me: It’s okay

Jenn: Yaa.. My boy has a good body with muscles and abs.

Me: Thanks. But you are also not hot enough.

Jenn: Thx.. My baby.

Me: So why are you here late night.

Jenn: Actually I am not getting sleep so I am going for walking. Are you interested?

Me: Why not? Sure…

We both went for walking. After half an hour we reached back to home. Jenn was full of sweat, her ass was looking creamy.

Jenn: Will you get sleep right now?

Me: Not now!

Jenn: So can you do a favor? My legs, back and shoulders are paining. Can you give me a gentle massage.

Me: Okay!

She started going to her room and I followed her. She lay on bed and handed me a bottle of massaging oil. I started massaging her shoulder. It was a great feeling. After that I went for back. But I was not being comfortable to massage her back because of her tee. SUDDENLY JENN removed her tee and her back was looked like a smooth fluffy sweaty cake. I eyes were stuck to her beauty of her body. While massaging her back she stopped me and said me to open her bra so her bra not get oiled and stained. My 7 inch buddy got erected while opening the bra straps. As she was laying down facing down so can’t see her boobs but some of the side glance mace me horny.

While massaging when I press the relaxing muscle she by own makes an horny sound for what I don’t know….. Hmmmmm. yaaaasssass……… yaaa that point…… hmmmmmmmm………. 🍌🍌💋💋💋💋💋😘😘

Jenn then told me to do foot massage. I started from toes but she was were a 1/2 short so it was to not possible to massage the parts above knew.

Jenn: Ohh baby I think you are getting difficulty to massage, please let me undress the bottom.

She got stood up by forgiving that I was there and she hadn’t wearing anyone on top.
That scene was is still not getting out of my brain. She pulled all of her clothes and I got to see her pussy which was like a smooth and sweaty lips.
She then lay down facing and said me to massage, I started from hard ass but I got stuck seeing it.
Anthony’s eyes on her knees which she noticed they were crossed. She was attractive the male students often perved at her much to her liking. She smiled at him ” You like my legs ? ” She asked.

I looked embarrassed and tried not to look at her asshole. ” Ummm …. ”

” Its ok ” she said stretching one out uncrossing then.

” They are nice. ” I said.

” Thanks ” she said ” I don’t mind you looking ” she said.

” Ok ” I said.

” Well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. ” She said.

” Cool ” I said still admiring her butts.

” Would you like to touch them. ” She said

” Touch them.? I asked

” Yes ” she said lifting her big Ass up again. I reached out touching the asshole. He looked at her smiling he slid my hand up the top of her ass to her boobs stopping at them gem of her back. ” I like that ” She said slightly opening her legs, pushing her fingers between her butts lifting it up past her knees a bit. Knowing this was so wrong. But it was very erotic and she loved it.

MY cock hard in pants I sat closer. She grabbed my hand lifting it to her bust. ” Fuck ” she said

” Squeeze them ” she said smiling.

I squeezed her breasts.

” I’m home alone fuck me. ” Said in horny way

Wasting no time I buried my face in her wet fat pussy. My tongue started digging for her clit. When I found it I began swirling my tongue around the outside. She then pushed my head up, kicked off her shoes and her pants. She grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled me back in. I plunged my tongue as deep inside her as I could. She let out a loud moan! ” AWWWW GOD YES! ”

Her hand on the top of my head keeping it firmly in place, she managed to pull my shorts and boxers down with her feet. Suddenly I feel her cold foot rubbing my cock. It felt amazing. She was moaning louder now. ” I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM! OH FUCK YES! ” She screamed.

Her big thick thighs squeezed my head. In all the times I went down on my mom, I never made her cum like this. My head held tightly in place, my tongue vigorously playing with her clit, and her feet playing with my dick the best she can, I hear the loudest scream yet. ” AWWWW SHHHHHIIIITTT! ”

I feel her pussy getting extremely wet. She squirted every where. Not that ridiculous porn star squirting halfway across the yard, just a more natural squirt. It took me by surprise as I had never seen a woman do that let alone make her. I had thought she pissed but since I was so in the moment I wasn’t going to worry about it. Besides, aside from turning me on, it didn’t taste bad.

” Wow that was fucking insane! I’ve never squirted from getting my pussy sucked. ”

There was my answer. I had heard of woman ejaculation and even the term squirt before, but now I knew it was real. I also took it as a sign that I done good.

She started sucking my cock. Her warm mouth was much more welcoming than her feet that’s for sure. I had reached my limit of what I could take shortly after her lips wrapped around my cock and even though it far exceeded any cock sucking I had received before, I had to put a stop to it.

I wanted another taste of her pussy and the juices dripping from it. I started from her clit then past her lips. It tasted even better now! She was so wet that my tongue slipped upwards and tickled her asshole. ” Oh yeah! ” She quietly moaned out. Finding myself distracted and all my inhibitions long gone I kept lightly licking her butthole if only to see how she reacted. She loved it! And so did I! She reached around and held the back of my head much like when I was eating her pussy.

” You’re full of surprises aren’t you? ” She said as she let go.

As much as I enjoyed my face between my aunts legs, there was still another task at hand. I stood up, bent her back over the table and shoved my 8.5″ as far inside her as I could.

” JESUS FUCK YOU’RE DEEP ” she said with a small look of discomfort.

That just made me want to go deeper though. Several hard thrusts and she began pants again. The same sounds she made a few moments ago. My hands had a firm grip on her wide hips as I continued to pull her fat ass closer and harder towards me. She reaches down to begin rubbing herself and I can feel her fake nail ever so gently tickle my balls. She lets out the same loud moan. ” OH MY GOD I’m CUMMING AWWWWWWW! ”

This time I feel her squirt trickling down my balls and my legs. ” FUCK, I’M CUMMING ” I yell out.

She pushes me off her and gets on her knees. She squeezes the base of my cock before putting it in her mouth. I let out a loud groan and drop my entire load down the back of my aunts throat. She keeps sucking until I cant cum anymore. She stands up. She kisses me long and hard. The taste of her squirt mixes with my hot cum still in her mouth. As we started deep kiss each other not just our saliva mixes but the squirt of her in my mouth and cum of him in her mixes will kiss. I swallow a bit of my own cum.

” Oh, sweetie I’m going to have some fun with you. ” Then she gave me a my life’s best massage for 30 min. Then we both banged for whole night. I still can’t believe I banged my mom’s friend in her own home.


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