My friends hot mom picks me up one day…

my friend´s hot mom

I walked down the road, wearing only my swimming trunks and sandals. A towel was draped over my shoulders, and music blared into my ears from my Mp3 player. The day was hot, and I was walking home from the lake alone, after swimming with some friends. I was halfway home, when I looked over my shoulder and saw a familiar vehicle driving toward me. It was my friends car. I signaled for him to pull over, and he did. The passenger side window rolled down, and I peered in.

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It was my friends car alright, but it wasn’t him driving it. It was his mother, Suzanne.
Suzanne was an attractive woman. She had my friend young, and was not as old as some of the other mothers around She was actually only 33. Suzanne had nice long blonde hair that was pulled up into a ponytail today, and sexy blue eyes. Her lips were nice and full, and she wore red lipstick on them. She had nice big tits, which she covered with a white tank top, and a little sexy stomach. Her ass was killer. Nice and full, it seemed to stretch the ass out of her pants sometimes. To sum her up, she as a blonde bombshell. A total M.I.L.F

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I said. “I thought you were ________”.

“You did?” She said smiling sweetly. “Sorry to disappoint you.”

“Oh- no, you’re not a disappointment, you know I always like seeing you.” I winked. Ever sense I’ve know what sex was, I wanted this woman. I used to flirt with her jokingly when my friend was around just to piss him off, and I now do it out of habit.

Suzanne giggled. “Stop it!”

“Sorry.” I said. “Force of habit.”

“It’s ok… did you want a ride or something?”

“Uh… ya, I guess. If it’s not to much trouble.”

“Well, it kinda is.” She said jokingly. “You might have to pay me back.” I opened the door and sat in the vehicle.

“What do you have in mind?” I replied.

“Come back to my place and you’ll see.”

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As we drove to her house, which was a ways past mine, the thought ran though my head that if this was a porn, I’d pay her back in sex. The fantasy made me smile, and I started wishing it would come true. Suzanne had been divorced about a year, and as we drove I discovered that she had just dropped my friend off at some ones house, and he wasn’t expected back until tomorrow. We’d be home all alone.

We pulled into her drive way, and she parked in their garage. Even though she was a single mom, Suzanne was doing quite well for herself. We go out of the car, and she led me into the house. There was a stack of boxes waiting inside the door.

“I’ll drive you home…” She said, placing one finger on my chest. “If you take these boxes down stairs for me.” I tried to hide my disappointment. “Hey,” She said. “What did you expect? I don’t give out free rides. Now, I’m gonna go hop in the shower for a minute… I just got back from the gym.”

Suzanne scurried off, and I did my chore. When I finished, I waited on the couch for her to get out of the shower. She finally came back, wearing a house robe. She was all dry now, the only sign that she was every actually wet was her hair was slightly darker.. “Want a drink, sweetie?” She asked.

“Ya, sure. Water’s fine.” She left for the kitchen, and came back with two cups.

“I’ll take you home as soon as I’m ready to go. Sound good?” I nodded. “Until then, you can keep me company.”

We sipped on our water for what seemed like ages, making small talk. Eventually, I asked. “So, are you dating anyone?”

“Goodness, no. I don’t have the time for dating.”

“No time? Maybe I could bring you out sometime.”

She laughed. “That’s sweet, but you’re to young for me.”

I decided to tease her, and act innocent. “To young to bring you to a restaurant? I didn’t know there were laws against who you can eat with.”

“Well, no… that’s not what I meant… I just-“ she blushed.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed. I was just kidding.”

Suzanne sighed. After a lengthy pause she said. “Can I tell you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“You’re actually the only male who gives me any attention.”

“What? No way.”

“It’s true. Because I have a kid, no man wants anything to do with me! I guess being a mom made me ugly.”

“Oh come on, you’re not ugly, you’re a M.I.L.F!” I blurted out.

“A what?”

“Uh… a … nothing.”

“What’s a milf?”

“It’s nothing… just… it means you’re pretty. “

”Aww… that’s sweet. I’m gonna tell my son you told me I’m a milf.”

“No!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, come on. You flirt with me all the time when he’s around. It won’t hurt him to know you think I’m pretty.”

“I know… but…” There was silence.

“Does it really mean I’m pretty? Or does it mean something else?”

“Kinda…. I dunno.”

“I see.” Suzanne said. “Well. You ain’t going home until you tell me what milf means.” I racked my brains for answers that would sound like they were true. “And don’t you try and lie either… I can tell.”

I gave up. “Well.. A M.I.L.F is… a… Mother…” She nodded. “I’d… Like.. to… y’know.”

“A Mother You’d Like to… to what? Oh.” She realized what it was. There was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” I said apologetically. “I just blurted it out.”


“I’ve just always had a huge crush on you and think you’re so pretty…” I said. I was trying to make it better, but things were just getting worse.

After a while Suzanne spoke. “I’m sorry, it’s just your so young. It’s weird coming from someone who is little more than half my age.”

“I know… and I’m sorry.” Suzanne smiled. I slid closer to her on the couch, trying to act like I wasn’t as uncomfortable as I was. I patted a hand on her leg. Her eyes shot down at it, and tension filled the air. I suddenly didn’t have the strength or will to move my hand, and it stayed on her leg. She looked into my eyes, and I looked away quickly. The air filled with a powerful sexual tension. “At… least… now, you’re getting the… um… male attention.” I managed to speak out, trying to joke. I glanced into her eyes and she looked away.

“I’ll be right back.” She said, and left the room momentarily. She disappeared for about 5 minutes, before she came back. As soon as she entered the room, the tension was there again. Awkwardly, she sat down on the couch, this time it seemed she was a little closer. I moved my leg slightly, and it made brief contact with her own. Her leg was smooth, freshly shaven. She must’ve shaved before she went to the gym, I thought. I scooted a little closer, trying to make contact again. Suzanne watched me out of the corner of her eye, but pretended not to notice as she sipped on her water.

I slowly moved my leg over, and barely tapped it against her own. Her skin was soft and warm to the touch. I tapped it again, but held for a moment longer. Suddenly, we both pressed our legs hard against each others, and both looked into one another’s eyes. Suzanne slide closer, as did I. She licked her lips as I put my hands on the belt that held her house robe on, and untied the loose knot. Suzanne breathed deeply as I slowly moved my hands up her sides, making my way to her shoulders. Her eyes closed as I slide the robe off of her, allowing it to fall in a heap around her ass and legs.

Her tits were nice and round, natural, big and perfect. Her belly was slightly chubby, to compensate her big tits. The nipples were small and dark colored, adding to the perfection of her breast. Her legs were crossed, and there was no visible bush. I didn’t ask why. We stared at each other a moment longer, before I leaned in and began sucking and kissing her neck. She placed one hand on my back, the other in my hair.

“It’s been so long sense a man touched me…” She moaned. I grabbed one of her huge soft tits in my hand and began rubbing and squeezing it. I kissed down her breast, making a trail to her nipples. My soft tongue stuck out, and I licked around one of the hard little things. This caused her to pant and moan. I placed the nipple between my teeth, and started nibbling. As I did this, she searched around my crotch, feeling my rock hard cock in her hand. I stopped sucking her tits, and she quickly undid my pants as I removed my own shirt. She reached under my boxers, and slowly pulled out my throbbing cock. She looked at it in her hand with pure lust and need in her eyes. Suzanne moaned from horniness as she saw and felt my cock. She wrapped her hand around it, and drew it slowly up and down my hard shaft. She then suddenly plunged it into her throat and began furiously sucking me. She rolled her tongue around my dick as her head bobbed up and down it. As she did this her other hand was at her pussy, fingering herself in and out and rubbing her clit. I placed a hand on her big full ass, and squeezed. It was so soft and sexy in my hand, I had to feel more. I ran my fingers down her soft, warm crack, sliding them up and down, squeezing her cheek every once in a while. My fingers brushed against her ass hole, and as they did she thrust her hips backwards, making them poke into it. It was easy to see what she wanted.

I carefully spread her cheeks, and poked at her little hole. She sucked my cock the whole time, sliding her mouth and lips up and down my shaft. She flicked her tongue against my head for a moment, and then continued furiously sucking my dick. I pressed harder on her hole, and finally my finger slid in her smooth ass. I could feel her fingers giving her pussy a real workout through the layer of skin that divided the two cavities. With my finger in her ass, she started sucking my cock harder and faster than ever before.

Her mouth felt so warm and wet on my hard cock. I felt an orgasm building inside my cock, and within seconds I was shooting a load of hot cum into her mouth. Suzanne deep throated my cock all the way as I blew my load, and continued finger fucking her own cunt until every drop of cum was in her belly. She got up as she finished me off, and laid back on the couch. She spread her legs wide, and I felt my dick begin to harden again.

“Come fuck me!” She commanded.

I did as I was told, positioning my now rock hard cock outside her soaking wet pussy. I pressed my head against her pussy lips, and it slide in smoothly. Suzanne moaned with pleasure as she felt the first cock inside of her in who knows how long. I withdrew my cock head completely, but quickly shoved it back in, this time halfway.

“Oh ya… fuck me…” Suzanne pleaded. I took my cock out to the head, before sliding it back in again. Her hot wet cunt felt so good around my shaft, it slide in easily as I started fucking her. I pulled out one last time, before slamming my cock all the way into her pussy.

“Oooooohhhhhh….” She moaned loudly. “Oh god, yes!” Suzanne cried out, as I started fucking her tight little hole. I pounded my cock in and out of her, making her big tits bounce as my cock filled her up. “You like fucking a M.I.L.F?” She said through gritted teeth. “I bet you just fucking love pounding into my fucking pussy!” She raised her hips into the air, and I started fucking her harder and faster. Her tits bounced faster and faster as our flesh slapped together with each thrust of my dick. “Oh-oh-oh yea-a-a-a- -f-uh-uh-uck me-e-e-e” She said, her voice breaking every time I pounded into her. I was starting to get tired, and I felt my orgasm coming just in time.

“I’m gonna cum!” I exclaimed as I pounded her cunt hole.

“In-me!” She moaned. I did as she told me to, and blew a load of hot sticky cum all through her little pussy hole. “Ohh….” She moaned, as I put her down. “I love having your young cum in my pussy… I want more….” She made me sit on the couch. “I want you to fill me up with your hot cum… I’ll make you cum faster than you ever have before baby… “ She got on top of me, and slowly slide onto my now hard cock. She moaned as it filled her pussy. Slowly at first, she began bouncing up and down on my cock. Her tits bounced as she moved, and she moaned faster and louder each time. Sure enough, I felt my dick get ready to blow in under five minutes. I can usually last about an hour and a half fucking teenage girls, but this woman was a slut and she knew what she was doing.

“Oh… oh…. UH!” She exclaimed. On the last moan, she lingered on top of my cock, an orgasm rocking her body. Her legs shook and her back arced, and white pussy juice slide down all over my cock. As soon as this happened, my head exploded, and another load of cum was expelled into her cunt. She fell back onto my dick, which slide in her the full way.

“Oh…” She said, panting. As she recovered, I bent my knees, and started fucking her from bellow. My dick slide in and out of her pussy, and she placed her hands on my chest to brace herself. Flecks of cum and pussy juice splashed every time my dick slammed in her wet cunt, and she moaned with ecstacy as I fucked her.

Suddenly, I lifted her off of my dick, and guided her to her knees. She kneeled on the couch, and looked at me as I kneeled behind her between her legs.

“Ooh… gonna fuck me from behind baby?” She asked sexily, as she wiggled her ass cutely.

“Oh ya.” I said. I took aim, and slowly slide my cock into her cunt. She gasped as I pressed into her, only allowing my cock in halfway to tease her. Suzanne slammed her ass into my hips, taking the cock herself. “Fuck me!” She said. I drew out, and then rammed her hard from behind. “Oh ya, that’s it!” She moaned. I started fucking her slowly, and she moved her hips in and out with me. “Come on baby, fuck me harder…” she pleaded. I slammed into her hard, and quickened the pace. She moaned with delight as I quickly pounded her tight pussy. Her tits swaying up and down underneath her. As I furiously fucked her from behind, she began to moan faster and faster. “Talk dirty to me baby…” She said as I hammered at her soaked cunt. I did as I was told, calling her a slut and a whore, as she begged for me to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh god… you’re going to make me cum!” She exclaimed. She arced her back, and panted as I started fucking her faster than ever before. She gripped the cushions on the couch, scrunching them up in her hands. “Come on, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me” she pleaded. She moaned louder and louder, until I drew out one last time. Clear fluid exploded from her pussy all over my dick, and she collapsed into the sofa, panting for breath.

I stroked my hard cock as she regained her breath.

“Come with me…” She said after a while. She led me up into her bedroom, and she crawled onto the bed, like a cat. “Look in my bed side table…” She purred. I opened the draw, and found a dildo, a vibrator, and a large bottle of KY Jelly. I want the vibrator, and the Jelly. She said. I got her the things, and she switched on the vibrator, which began to hum. She got on her knees again, and began to touch the vibrator against her wet pussy. She moaned as the toy touched her clit, and gasped when she penetrated deep into her own cunt with it. With her free hand, she began massaging her own breasts, pulling and twisting her nipple. With the bottle of jelly in my hand, I took a position behind her. I squirted a few drops onto her ass hole, and rubbed it in with my finger. I then placed a drop or two on my dick, and rubbed my shaft until it was rock hard and well lubricated.

She kept masturbating as I pressed my cock against her tight little ass. She gasped as my head slide in, and moaned as I pulled it back out. She set the vibrator in herself to the base, and left it there, allowing both hands to explore her breasts underneath her. I pressed my cock into her ass again, amazed at how tight it was. It felt as though it were going to squeeze my cock off, or cut of the circulation to my head. I slide in half way, and felt the vibrator buzzing inside her pussy. This was the first time I ever experienced anal sex. The inside of her ass was warm, and smooth against my cock. I drew out again, and slowly pushed my dick back into the tight hole. It took my 5 or 6 tries to be able to push it in all the way. She moaned as I slowly began fucking her asshole.

“Hows my ass?” She asked sexily.

“Good…” I moaned, my hands on her hips. I started pounding her ass, and she closed her eyes, her mouth open, letting out a low throaty moan. “Oh baby… fuck my ass… fuck it good…”

The vibrator stayed inside as I pounded my dick into her. She moaned loudly as I fucked her ass, supporting herself with both hands now. Her tits swayed underneath her, as I fucked her harder and faster, getting into the groove of things. My dick tensed, as yet another orgasm began building within. She must’ve felt the difference, because she asked “Oh…. baby… gonna cum in my ass?” I said yes. She moaned with delight as I shot my load into her butt. I pulled out my dick, and as I did my cum leaked out of her ass hole, dripping on the protruding vibrator. Suzanne rolled over, and began working the vibrator in and out of herself. I watched, jerking myself off as she fucked herself with the vibrating machine. She rubbed her tit and moaned, until she finally climaxed, giving herself another powerful orgasm.

“You got one more fuck left in ya, baby” She asked, pushing me down onto the bed. I nodded my head enthusiastically as she straddled my hard cock . “Don’t worry baby, this time I’ll give you a chance…” She slowly slide her soaked, cum filled pussy half way down my throbbing dick. She moaned with delight as she slide up again, and let herself fall back down, this time taking it all at once. “Ooh… baby…” She said, drawing her cunt off me again. Her tight cunt lips clung to my dick, not allowing it out. She let out a moan of ecstacy as she lowered herself on, faster each time. Cum from her pussy leaked all over my cock, as the slutty M.I.l.F fucked my cock. She rode up and down, cow girl style rubbing her own tits, and clit as she fucked me. She moaned like a whore as my dick slide in and out of her wet, bald cunt hole. Her tits bounced as she fucked me faster and faster, and she moaned louder each time she forced my shaft into herself. She finally slammed down onto my cock, grinding her hips back and forth, my shaft imbedded deep within her. She then started riding, fast and hard, her screams and moans filling the whole house. She was so loud, she drowned out the smacking of our flesh. You probably could’ve heard us from outside. She took my cock deep within her once more, grinding my dick as her body tensed, and back arced. I felt her pussy juice running down my shaft, as I released my own orgasm deep within her cunt. She collapsed on top of me, our juices mixing together as we panted.

“Thank you…” She whispered into my ear. She twitched and spasm on top of me, as my erection began to subside. We laid in each others arms for what must’ve been forty minutes, recovering from each others pounding’s. After a while, she spoke. “So, why don’t you stay the night at your friends house?” She said, mischievously .

I smiled, and called my parents to ask. Suzanne rubbed and sucked my cock as I asked my parents for permission to stay the night at my friends house. I got off the phone and sighed. I looked at her body longingly, and asked “Was this a one time thing?”

Suzanne shook her head. “No way… someone has to fuck me… might as well be you, right baby? Mmm…” She said, licking her lips. “I guess you’re gonna be coming over to help around the house a lot more often, ain’t you baby?” I nodded as I climbed on top of her. We barley got any sleep that night, as we stayed up fucking. Eventually, we both fell asleep in the soaked sheets. My friend never found out that I was fucking his mom, and to this day we still hook up every once in a while. On breaks and weekends If I can get away from university I pay her a visit, or sometimes she comes to my dorm room. If you ever get a chance to fuck and older lady do it, they are always amazing. I’ve had the chance to bang a few, and enjoyed everyone.

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