A horny Mother-in-law

Rick was stretched out on the sofa, glass of wine in hand with one of the
local radio stations playing in the background. His wife Anna was away for a
few days on business and he was taking this opportunity for a completely
relaxing evening alone, where all his cares and worries – not that he could
think of any at that particular moment in time – could take a back seat. As he went to refill his glass he both heard and saw the rain beating down hard against the lounge window. On the opposite side of the room the open log fire was blazing merrily away in the hearth. Though winter had been milder than usual this year today had turned cold. With the cold had come rain. Tonight was particular filthy and Rick was just pleased he had no need to go out.

He’d just refilled his glass and had just set another log in the hearth when the sound of the doorbell caused him to curse.
He took a sip from his glass and waited for a few moments, in two minds
whether or not to ignore whoever had chosen to disturb him at this time of
night. In truth, he’d already pretty much decided, given the conditions outside, he’d have to answer, when the chimes sounded for a second time.

Placing his drink on the side table he made his way towards the front door where he switched on the outside light. Though he could see the outlined shape of his evening visitor, he was in no way able to determine who it was, or for that matter, if they were male or female. Turning the latch he swung open the door to find Cathy, his mother in law standing inside the small porch, looking very much the worse for the rain.

“Hello Rick, I wasn’t sure if anyone was in,” she said.

Although not expected, Rick wasn’t entirely surprised to see it was Cathy who had called. She’d always been particularly close to her daughter and would often call in for a chat, moreso of late, having lost her husband just over a year ago

“Come in,” he prompted, standing to one side as she stepped into the
hall. “Anna’s not here, she’s had to go up North on business. I thought she
would have told you.” He said as he pushed the door closed against the wind and rain.

Cathy turned to face him.

“No she didn’t, though now I come to think of it I do seem to recall her saying something about having to spend one or two days away at some stage this month.”

“Is it anything important?” he asked.

“No, not at all. In fact I just popped over for a bit of company, but if you’re busy I’ll leave you to it,” she said, her body making the gesture that she was ready to depart as quickly as she’d arrived.

“Don’t be silly! There’s no need for that. I’m doing nothing special. In fact I’d
just settled down for a relaxing evening. Here, let me take your coat for you.”

Cathy turned, thereby offering him the view of her back. As she unbuttoned the front of her coat, so he reached up and slipped it off her shoulders . He found himself immediately beginning to stir down below for the coat now removed, revealed the outfit that she was wearing. A light blue, close knit, lambswool and lycra dress, the neck of which formed a tantalising vee between her breasts.
In reality the outfit was more than just pleasing to the eye. He had seen her wear this on several occasions and if he cared to admit it – and he saw no reason not to, it was a particular favourite of his – especially given that at fifty-five, she still possessed a superb thirty-six, twenty-five, thirty-five inch figure. One that she appeared to have very little difficulty keeping in good shape.

“Go on through,” he said, turning to hang the coat up in the hall. As he did, he couldn’t help but notice her rear view as she made her way down the hall towards the lounge.

‘Exquisite!’ he thought to himself, watching those shapely buns of hers jiggle from side to side beneath their soft woollen restraint.

Cathy disappeared into the lounge and he found himself wondering what
her reaction might be if she knew the thoughts she’d just stirred or indeed if she knew just how much he fancied her. Then again, he thought, with more than a small measure of hope, the way her motor was running as she’d headed for the lounge, maybe she was more aware of his feelings than he himself realised.

He followed her through to the lounge and beckoned for her to make
herself comfortable while he poured her a glass of wine. Even then he wasn’t able to resist watching her from out of the corner of his eye as she sat herself down on the sofa. He crossed the room, drink in hand. He offered her the glass, retreating to the armchair as she took it from him.

For the first few minutes they chatted about Anna, in particular her
job and of the increasing need for her to spend time away nowadays, and
throughout he found himself in a loosing struggle in trying to avert his eyes
from his Mother-in-laws delicious body. Twice he had to adjust his position for fear that Cathy would notice his stirring below.

They continued chatting about nothing in particular where he allowed himself to become steadily intoxicated by her sensuous body.

There was no doubt about it he mused to himself, Mother-in-law or not, she was
one very attractive woman. He afforded himself a smile as he wondered how
many other men could honestly say they had such a fanciable Mother-in-law,
especially the way that she looked tonight, dressed as she was in her figure
hugging dress, made all the better that she definitely had the figure which did justice to such an outfit and as he sat there taking furtive glances, he thought to himself how she couldn’t have looked any better if she’d have been poured into it.
He found it difficult to believe that, so far as he knew, she didn’t have some
attentive male to wine and dine her.

His eyes drifted up to her ample breasts, each of which was held firm beneath the deep vee of her top, their size enough to cause the soft wool to stretch tantalizingly apart, ensuring just the correct amount of cleavage on display. They
seemed to rise and fall with each breath she took, like a gentle swell.

His eyes lowered to trace the outline of her curves, her trim waist, her
curvaceous hips, on down to her legs, slender yet firm and nicely shaped all the way down to her seductively slim ankles. ‘Mmmm! Just how many times had he fantasised at how good it would be to have them wrapped around his body’.

He noted too that she was wearing nylons and considered momentarily whether or not they were tights or stockings. Knowing Cathy, he suspected they’d surely be stockings. In his opinion she was too demure for tights, but that was just his opinion.

Almost subconsciously he heard her voice once more and while it snapped him out of his trance, he realised he hadn’t heard all of what she’d been saying.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I must have been daydreaming. What was it you

“Oh dear Rick. Is it really that boring listening to your Mother-in-law?”

“No no! Of course not. Far from it,” he replied. “I just didn’t catch what you’d said, was all.”

She looked him up and down as if trying to determine if what he’d said were true.

“I was just asking if you’ll be picking Anna up from the airport on her return.”

He took a sip of his drink. “No. She’ll get a taxi back. Besides, her firm’s paying for it.”

“And she’s back Thursday you say?”

“Yes. Sometime during the evening,” he replied, still finding it difficult to prize his eyes away from her body.

“So poor little old you will have that big bed all to yourself for the next few nights? You’ll feel lost,” she said and as she did so she ran a hand, it seemed, purposely down her thigh, uncrossing and crossing her legs in one fluid motion.

To Rick, while the comment and her subsequent action appeared, on the surface at least, entirely innocent, there was nevertheless something of an undertone about her words and action which caused him a further stirring below.

“Yes. I suppose I will,” he replied.

He continued to watch her as she seemed to take an exceptional length
of time to smooth down the dress just above her knee. It was almost as if she
were trying to draw his attention to her legs, for him to see just how shapely
they were.
It didn’t help the stirring down below as he began to imagine it was his hands smoothing down the material on those sumptuous thighs, his fingertips delighting in the soft caress of wool against naked skin and for the third time in as many minutes, he found himself having to adjust his position.

The conversation carried on between the two of them for some time, the only disturbance being when he got up to replenish her drink. It was during
this lull in the conversation Cathy chose to ask, “What about watching one of
the films Anna is always recording?”

Often working long hours in her job, Anna would often set the video to record films she knew she would ordinarily miss. Like Rick, Cathy knew this was one of her daughters pleasures in life. To come home from work…to shower…change then to switch on the TV, sit back and relax to watch one of the films she’d recorded. Cathy too enjoyed such evenings and would often join her daughter.

“Yes. Fine,” Rick replied.

Having replenished her glass he crossed over to the TV. Switching it on he opened the video cabinet and ran his eye along the list of titles on show. A number of them had no title registered. He smiled to himself as an idea formed in his mind. He knew that several of them were blue movies and he wondered what Cathy’s reaction might be if he were to put one of these on by mistake.

‘What could she say?’ He thought to himself. And if she should strongly object, all he needed to do was apologise, explain that it was a genuine mistake and leave it at that.

Aware that Cathy was probably looking at him right at that moment he smiled to himself and decided to go for it, hoping against hope that she wouldn’t be too offended and better still, that it might lead to other things.

Reaching into the cabinet he selected one of the unmarked tapes and slipped it into the machine before returning to the comfort of the armchair. He didn’t need telling what he was doing was risky but he also knew that Cathy was pretty open minded about such things.

“What is it?” Cathy enquired before the film had started to roll.

“I’ve no idea,” he answered with some truth. “I expect it’s one of the more recently televised films.”

He watched Cathy take a sip of her wine. The film opened onto its first
scene and he recognised it immediately. He knew, while there would be a few
minutes before any action started, the film was of German origin which was
bound to cause her to question it. Sure enough, as soon as both the model in the film and her husband started to converse Cathy turned to him.

“What is this? It’s foreign.”

“Oh Christ!” he exclaimed with what he hoped wasn’t too false a horror. “I’ve made a mistake here, you don’t want to be watching this,” he said.

“Why? What’s wrong?” she quizzed.

“No it doesn’t matter,” he said rising from the armchair. “I’ll put something else on.”

“No it’s alright,” she replied. “If you want to watch it I don’t mind. Besides, if it’s any good I won’t have to worry about what’s being said.”

“It’s not that,” he answered, knowing he was about to come to the crunch line.

“This one…..Well let’s just say, this one’s a little bit naughty. I’m not sure you’d approve.”

Rick still wasn’t fully out of his armchair and he watched her reaction as his meaning dawned on her.

“Oh I see,” she said, just as the young blonde started to remove her
husbands trousers.

For a moment Rick just stood there, one eye of the screen, one watching for Cathy’s reaction.

“Well don’t worry on my account,” she said, settling back into the sofa. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these, but then, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.Isn’t that what they say?”

“So I am told!” Rick answered as he slumped back into his armchair to afford himself a smile believing it had gone even smoother than he could have hoped for.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, a gesture he hoped would further add to his innocence.

“Yes, don’t worry,” she answered.

For the next few minutes both Rick’s and Cathy’s attention returned to the screen where the blonde’s husband, having been stripped down to his underpants, now started to tease his young wife by caressing her ample boobs over her summery top. Rick watched intently as he imagined it was not the blonde but Cathy on screen, and instead of the husband, it was he who was doing the caressing. Oh what it would be like to run his hands back and forth across her shapely tits, he could only wonder.

The two of them sat back to watch the video and as the storyline panned out, so the action on the screen unfolded and hotted up. In turn, so Rick grew more and more turned on. At each turn of events on screen he found himself visualizing his Mother-in-law in the role of the actress with himself as her partner. He saw himself Fucking her from the rear, from the front. Fucking her
anally, orally, in fact in every position that occurred on screen. By the time
the video came to an end he’d adjusted position so many times he was in danger
of wearing out the armchair. What’s more, he felt sure Cathy was aware of the
difficulty he was having.

“Hmmmm. So what did you think of it then Rick?”

The question came totally out of the blue and took him completely by surprise.

“Er! Well to be honest, I feel a little embarrassed, sitting here watching a blue movie with you. I don’t quite know what to say.”

“Oh don’t be so silly. There’s no need. I’ve told you I’ve seen it all before, and I’m sure you and Anna have seen enough of them.”

“Maybe so,” he replied. “But this isn’t quite the same as me and Anna is it?”

“No, I suppose not.” She replied. giving this some thought for a few moments before adding, “So ok, how would you and Anna react?”

For the first time Rick felt himself flushing a little. “Well Anna quite enjoys these kind of films. She gets quite excited.”

“And you don’t I suppose?”

“Well yes, they have that effect on me as well.”

“Why is that do you think? Is it because you’re watching it as an outsider, or is it that the sex has a certain roughness about it?”

Rick was more than a little surprised at how forthright his Mother-in-law was being.

“I don’t really know. It’s a bit of both I suppose,” he answered.

“Would you like another drink?” he asked, attempting to change the subject.

“Yes, I’d love one,” she replied.

He rose, collected their glasses from the coffee table, went over to the cabinet where he replenished their drinks. He returned to the centre of the room and offered her her glass. She took it from him and he made to sit back into his armchair.

“Why don’t you come and sit over here with me?” she asked.

The question took him by surprise and for a moment he didn’t know how to answer.

“Er. I don’t know,” he stammered.

“Is it that you think I’m going to seduce you? Is that it?” she laughed.

“No, no of course not, it’s just…”

“So come on then,” she interrupted, patting the settee at her side as she did so.

He offered a sheepish smile and crossed the room. He put his glass on the table before sitting down next to her.

“There, that wasn’t so bad was it?” she teased.

“No, of course not,” he replied, feeling somewhat flustered, embarrassed.

For some moments neither of them said anything. Rick sensed that he needed to say something to break the tension but Cathy was the first to speak.

“So you wouldn’t want me to seduce you then?” she asked.

He was astounded. “I didn’t say that either,” he stuttered.

“Oh so does that mean you would?” she asked, stretching out a leg in front of her. His eyes were immediately drawn to the nylon clad leg and while he was acutely aware that this had almost certainly been her intention, he was
nevertheless unable to resist. He allowed his eyes to be drawn from her calves
up to her shapely thigh.

“I didn’t say that either,” he replied, aware she was now teasing him something rotten yet at the same time he could sense that each time he answered he was digging himself further and further into the trap she appeared to be laying.

“So what are you saying?” she asked as this time she deliberately and sensuously crossed her legs to reveal further amounts of delicious thigh.

“I’m embarrassed,” he answered, believing his honesty might bring matters to an end. “We really shouldn’t even be thinking about this.”

She laughed out loud. “Am I being naughty then?” she jested.

“A little, yes.”

“Ooooh. And what would you do to punish me then?” she cooed. With that Cathy rose from the sofa, and turned so that she was standing directly in front of him. Slowly, yet very deliberately she hitched up her dress a little and
lifted her leg so that her foot rested on the sofa alongside him. Once again
Rick could do little but let his eyes savour her delicious calf and thigh which now rested in easy reach of his touch.

“Do you like my legs Rick?” she asked.

“They’re lovely,” he responded.

“Hmmm! Would you like to touch them? To run your hands up them?”

He knew he ought to resist but the sight and nearness was proving too tempting. He reached out and slipped a hand on her knee. Sensing the soft feel
of the nylon beneath his palm he started to slide his hand along her thigh.

“Mmmm! That feels good Rick,” she almost purred.

He was stirring below once more and realised that events were starting to overtake him. Now, unable to resist he allowed his hand to slip beneath the tight fit of the dresses hem where his fingers quickly identified that she was indeed wearing stockings.

“Stockings,” he almost gasped. “You’re wearing stockings.”

She recognised his excitement instantly. “Hold ups,” she replied. “Only the best for you.”

The feel of the nylon stockings sent his excitement off the scale, enough to push him over the edge and he knew he was now so far gone, he would no longer be able to control himself.

He reached out and slowly began edging the hem of her dress upward. Within seconds her stocking tops came into full view. He issued a quiet groan before pushing his hands a few inches higher where he immediately saw she wore nothing beneath her dress. Her pink and completely hairless pussy came into view. Another quiet groan emitted from his lips.

“Oh Shit! Shaven too!” he uttered, and reaching around her he grabbed both buttocks and pulled her towards him. His fingers dug firmly into her rump as he leant forward, burying his head between her thighs. His tongue flicked too and fro over her swollen clit.

Cathy immediately reached down and, gripping the back of his head, started to grind herself against his face.

“Oh yes, yes!” she grunted. “Deeper, harder!” she urged.

He drew in her scent, tasted the lips of her pussy. If asked, he would never have been able to recall the number of times he’d fantasised over this woman. Now here she was, legs open, her hands on his head urging him on to see to her shaven pussy.

He pushed firmly against her, his tongue probing, licking and snaking in and out of her sex. His hands started to slide from her rump, down her legs
then back up to her rump, delighting in the difference in textures of soft wool, then flesh, then nylon.

“Ohhh Yes! That’s it Rick, eat my pussy, suck my lips. Show me how good you
really are.”

He pushed harder, probed deeper and in turn her grinding started to gather pace.

“Ooooh, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” she cried, her breath coming in short, sharp ragged bursts.

Rick forced his tongue further and deeper into her cunt until all at once she cried out in ecstasy, her body physically shuddered against his face. He could feel her juices spilling out onto his lips and tongue.

He pulled away, hot and flushed as Cathy sank down to her knees.

“That was lovely Rick,” she cooed. “You’ve no regrets have you?”

He smiled at her and pushed a hand onto her breasts.

“None at all. In fact I’m only sorry we haven’t done this before.”

She grinned at him. “Good! Because now I’m looking forward to seeing what else you can do for me.”

“Hmmm! What did you have in mind?” It was his turn to tease now.

She slid her hand onto his crotch where she felt the swollen outline of his cock.

“This for one!” she replied. “I want to know how good it is.”

“Oh it’s good alright. At least……… your daughter never complains.”

“But I’m not Linda though, am I?” she remarked, referring to her daughter. “Besides, my expectations are considerably higher than hers.” She paused and reaching forward, started to undo his trousers. She slipped them down off his hips then eased her hand inside his briefs to take hold of the erection and that was being held in check. Rick groaned quietly as her thumb began roaming back and forth over his helmet. She looked up into his eyes.

“How many times have you wondered about Fucking me Rick?”

Rick raised his eyebrows as once again his Mother-in-laws forthright manner took him by surprise. His lips formed a smile.

“I’ve lost count.” he answered.

“Well I’ve wanted you for a long time Rick. I think of how greedy my daughter has been keeping you all to herself.”

“I’m married to her Cathy. Isn’t that the way it should be?”

Again Cathy’s grin broadened to a full smile. “Hmmm! Yes! But there’s something you should know about your wife’s mother Rick.”

“Oh! And what’s that?” he asked, intrigued.

“When she wants something bad enough, she invariably gets what she wants!”

Cathy’s fingers squeezed more firmly around his shaft. “And what I want right now, is to be Fucked!”

“You sure as hell don’t mince your words., do you Cathy?”

She laughed. “Life’s too short Rick. Why waste time talking when we could be Fucking?”

Rick groaned as he tried to figure out how things had moved along so fast. Not that he minded in the least. As far as he was concerned, this was his biggest fantasy about to come home.

Cathy began drawing her hand slowly up and down his rigid shaft, stroking her thumb over his knob each time her hand reached his ridge.

“Now! I have to tell you Rick. I like to be Fucked slow but hard. No messing, that when we’ve finished, I will know I’ve been well and truly Fucked.”

“You like to talk dirty too, don’t you?” Rick asked, his cock now fully hard.

“That’s because I don’t want to make love to you Rick. I want to Fuck you!
It’s responding to the basic ‘animal’ that’s in us all Rick. Stags Rut!” Cathy almost hissed at him. “Animals copulate in order to reproduce. Well my reproduction days are long gone, but my rutting days are very much alive!”

Cathy leaned back on her haunches giving his cock yet another firm squeeze.

“So what do you say Rick? Do you fancy rutting with this horny little doe?”

For a moment Rick didn’t know how to reply. It was bad enough just the sight of her was arousing him so much, but the way she spoke about sex had turned him on like never before. Her squeezing his cock once more snapped him from his thoughts.

“Oh God! I’ll rut with this little doe anytime she wants!”

Cathy smiled to herself, aware her seduction of Rick was almost complete.

“So tell me Rick, how is my young Stag going to rut with me? What are you going to do with this gorgeous cock of yours?”

Rick now knew the time for mincing words had long past.

“I’m going to ram it up your cunt, you horny little doe. I’m going to ram it so far up that you’ll think I’m splitting you in two.”

“Oh yes you cocky bastard, that’s what I like to hear but is it all
mouth or can you deliver?”

“Just wait and see,” he replied. With that he pushed her backward onto the floor, opened her legs wide and gripping her thighs, moved forward until
the head of his cock brushed against her cunt. He took a firm hold of his shaft and began rubbing his knob back and forth along her slick, cunt lips.

“Is your cunt ready for this you little bitch?” he snarled.

“I’ve taken better than this Motherfucker!” she cried, goading him on.

“Yeah! And I bet you get plenty!” he said, trying to rile her still more.

“What, you’re saying, that I spread my legs for anyone?”

“That’s right, I reckon about anyone who cares to ask.”

“Yeah, well I’m sure that just about anyone would do a better job than you.” She laughed.

It was too much for Rick who positioned his helmet at the opening to her cunt. “Shut it bitch and take this,” he said as he thrust forward from the hips sinking his cock in three inches. He withdrew and thrust again, even harder this time. Cathy’s fingertips clawed at the carpet as she cried out loud, savouring the sudden impact.

“Go on you Bastard Fuck me! Fuck it right up me! Give me all you’ve Fucking got,” she cried.

Egged on, Rick responded. He started to thrust, hard and deep and slow. Each time burying himself deeper and deeper, each thrust causing Cathy to cry out in a mix of both pain and ecstasy as his cock hit the mark.

Within seconds Cathy’s cunt had opened enough to accept Rick’s full size. Their bodies began to rock up and down, each forward movement being met by the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

Looking down at her delicious body, Rick felt this sudden desire to kiss his Mother in law. He tipped forward, still with his cock embedded inside her cunt, and pressed his lips hard over hers. Cathy reacted, throwing her arms around his body, holding him tight as their lips began their frenzied attack.

Rick forced his tongue between her lips, its tip seeking the back of her throat. Cathy in turn sucked hard, her eyes closed tight as she pictured it being his cock.

They kissed and sucked and licked and teased one another, their passion increasing, their moans and groans now filling the room. Moments later, Rick rolled over onto his back taking Cathy with him so now it was she who was on top.

Their passion continued, Cathy holding onto the sides of his face as she reigned kisses down upon him, him pulling her close.

Suddenly Cathy pulled free of his lips and sat back on her knees. She could feel his rock hard shaft driving deep, but now on top she wanted to take full control. She pressed both hand onto his chest and started to lift herself up and down, each sinking further and further down his thick, pussy juice soaked shaft.

Rick lay there, looking up at his sexy Mother-in-law, delighting in the sight of her ample breasts as they bounced up and down beneath the soft fabric of her dress. They reminded him of waves, undulating beneath a watery surface. He reached out and cupped each breast. He groaned at the sensation. It was like holding onto shaped liquid.

“That’s it baby! Hold onto my tits while I ride you Rick! Ohhh God! I want you all Rick! I want every inch of this cock filling my cunt!

Just then Cathy let out an animal like mewl. She tipped forward, moving her hands off his chest and onto the floor as her body started to move quickly, violently, her breath no more than short sharp grunts as her pussy now jerked up and down his cock

“Ohhh God I’m so close Rick! So so close! Make me cum baby! Rut with your little doe and make her cum!”

Rick reached up and grabbed at both rounded breasts, pinching and squeezing at each nipple, causing Cathy to cry out.

“That’s it Cathy! Cum for me! Let me feel your cunt empty on my cock!”

These last few words tipped Cathy over the edge. Her eyes rolled back inside their sockets, her body stiffened, her pussy started to spasm, her mouth opened wide where seconds later Cathy howled like a dog, Rick instantly felt the warmth of her juices spilling out all down his cock.

Moments later Cathy sagged forward onto Rick’s chest, her body quivering from the effects of her climax. She moaned softly into his ear as if to confirm she was sated.

“Ohh Christ Rick! That was heaven!”

Rick though had not finished with her yet. For as limp as her body felt slumped against his, his cock was as hard, buried inside her cunt. He’d come this far and was determined he was going to fill Cathy’s cunt full of his spunk before she left.

Holding tight onto her body, Rick used his strength to roll her over onto her back. It was not what she’d expected and as they rolled she felt the full force of his still rigid cock pressing into her.

“Oh God Rick! No more!” she cried.

Rick was having none if it. Slipping his hands under her thighs he quickly lifted her legs up and over her own body until her knees were almost touching her chest. He immediately started to thrust, sawing his cock back and forth, in and out of her now sloppy cunt.

“Noooooo!” Cathy cried out, her bodies energy now spent.

Taking no notice Rick ploughed home again, and again……and again…

“Noooo! Noo! Ohhhh Fuck Yes!” Cathy screamed as a second climax fast approached.

Rick pressed down, his body pinning her legs high up over hers, his movement rhythmical, their bodies now in perfect tune.


Cathy tried to lift up and take hold of Rick’s body as her second climax ripped through her own, every nerve ending alive…electric….tingling but Rick was pummelling her now, it was as if he was trying to use his cock to spear her to the floor.

She heard him grunt….she felt his body stiffen, then with a triumphant howl ringing in her ears she felt his cock explode inside her cunt.

To Cathy, for all the world it felt like someone had released a fire hose. She could feel his cock jerking inside her as her cunt gripped tight on his cock. She could feel his cum jetting hard into the deep recesses of her womb.

She felt his body soften, his muscles relax…..He slumped down, fulfilled…it was over……

They lay there for some time before either of them moved or spoke. When they did, it was only to roll to one side while they shared one another’s lips once more.

Their kisses were lighter, mere pecks compared to before but right then, both Cathy and Rick knew, this wet and wintery night had changed them both.

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